Who we are

ba[dr] is above all a story of friendship and cultural heritage... between the West and the East.

The memories of our own childhood are made up of sublimated moments that constitute a veritable personal and intimate heritage...

The smells that surround us, effluvia, scents that blend nature, citrus fruits, aromas, incense and the "oud".

The "oud" is the common denominator of ba[dr]'s olfactory universe.

Oud and wood... our credo !!!

In love with these living, organic materials... Always on the lookout for the olfactory exception...

The desire to share: altruism...

This universe born of a fraternal alliance stemming from a shared love of scents located...

Where we come from!!!

Between the West and the East

The message






It's an anagram ... but not only.

It's a message!

We believe in conscious, sincere, singular perfumery...

Between East and West

ba[dr] between the West and the East!!!

Borrowed from oud, musk, rose, vanilla, jasmine and so many others ...

Travel, pleasure for the senses...

We awaken them... to draw you into our universe!!!

We combine passion and emotion to bring you our message!


We are an eco-responsible brand.

Our products are optimized to minimize our impact on the environment.

No production on the other side of the world.

Our partners are French and European (Portugal - Germany).

Everything is assembled in our workshops in France.

Minimalist, optimized packaging.

Recyclable materials (bottle, wooden stopper, box, shipping packaging)... we aim for zero waste.

We keep plastic to a minimum, using it only on the cap to ensure optimum hold.

For the rest... leather seal and wax seal for the wooden box.

Made in France: perfumes imagined in Marseille, Rennes and Grasse and produced in Grasse.

The little extra: we (re)produce according to demand.

We avoid overproduction and waste.

Let's be pioneers together... zero waste... eco-responsible.

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